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  • We can work on anything! We can do basic obedience with your puppy or learning not to jump on guests with your 10 year old dog. No matter what pet you have (macaw, cat, rabbit, chupacabra), we can train out bad behaviors and in new behaviors!
    All training will start with an hour long consultation visit where we’ll talk about your goals and start some Pawsitive Reinforcement basics. Depending on the goals, this will be followed by anywhere from 2-10 weekly, 45 minute sessions.
    We are based in Manayunk but we prefer to work in your home; it gives us the ability to see your pet how it typically behaves where he or she is comfortable. We will work on making a training plan that factors in all aspects of the home environment. We frequent areas including Philadelphia, Mt. Airy, Chestnut Hill, Roxborough, Germantown, and the Main Line. To see if your home is in our radius, check the map on the Contact page.
    Nope! This is not just about training your pet, but about you and your pet building a training relationship. Changing an animal’s behavior means committing to work towards your goals between sessions and integrating positive reinforcement techniques into your daily routine.
    Yes! I also provide in home pet care. Pet sitting includes feeding and water, administering medication, dog walks, playtime, cuddling, scooping litter boxes, and basic home care (getting mail, watering indoor plants, etc.)

    Exotic Animal Sitter

    Exotic Animal Care

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