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Exotic Pet Services

If you checked out the Meet the Trainer page, you know that our trainer Heather got her start training professionally in zoos. As an ambassador animal zookeeper, her job included training birds, lizards, big cats, little cats, otters, chinchillas, tarantulas, and everything in between. With a specialty in bird shows, she also achieved a Professional Bird Trainer Certification. These skills are now available to help with your exotic pets! We can help if you’re looking to solve behavioral problems like biting or if you want to learn helpful behaviors, like putting on a harness to go outside. We’ve helped bunnies learn to pee in the litterbox or come when called and snakes learn to accept being gently picked up without lunging.

Training for exotic pets always occurs in your home. Given their unique needs, price structures will vary but will reflect similarly to prices on our Dog and Cat services pages. In some cases, we may accept drop in pet-sitting or boarding for exotic pets as well.

To set up an appointment, please fill out this form and the trainer will contact you for scheduling.

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