All services are available for any kind of pet: whether you have a terrier, tegu, or tarantula, we are there for you!


Training services typically start with a one hour consultation, followed by weekly 45 minute training sessions.

Most behaviors can be achieved in 4-8 sessions.

 Base Prices:

$100-initial consultation

$75-training sessions

Added fees apply for additional animals, exotics, evening, and weekend appointments

Bird trainer

Cat Behavior

Most cat behavior problems can be solved within a couple of sessions. We come to your house and assess the cat and it’s behavioral needs and help you set your home up for maximum success. This services works for liter box issues, scratching, biting, counter surfing, cat sibling politics, yelling, etc.

Base Prices:

$100 for initial 1  hour consultation

$100 for 3-4 week followup visit

Cat sitter
Cat trainer


For this service, we will come to your home and give your pet whatever care it needs. This includes feeding, potty breaks, cage/litter cleaning, playtime, cuddling, etc. We can also provide basic house help like watering plants or picking up the mail.

Base Prices:

$20 for 30 minute drop in

$25 for the first hour, $10 for each additional hour

$60/day for overnight visits

Added fees apply for additional animals, exotics, and special needs/medication

Dog sitter

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